Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Its Been A Long Time

Its Been A Long Time

I am so happy to be back!  I have been gone for a while. Busy?  Yes and a crazy life to boot!
I have been busy creating new designs and working on creating a brand for Cottage Rose Decor!   I am going to make sure I continue to make my posts for my followers! I so appreciate each of you hanging in there with me! 

I wanted to share some new projects I have been working on! I am so in love with my new designs! I will be taking them to the Nashville Fairgrounds were they have the monthly Flea Market. It is rated the top three in the nation! If your ever in the area I hope you can visit there.  It is the fourth weekend of every month.  

I hope you all have been successful in life and busy being happy! I would love you feedback of course and any ideas you have I would love to hear them too!

I am hoping to build my blog so pass it along to your friends and family as I would just love that to death! 

Love you all! Denise